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I would like to apologize deeply if I came off dismissive-that is furthest from my intention.

I take all complaints to heart as I take pride in running a business that is known for accompanying people in beginning of such a challenging yet rewarding journey. Obviously if that is not the perception, then somewhere we are failing and we have work to do. It brings me great displeasure hear you have endured such a bad experience and I intend to at least make sure you feel how important this is to us (despite your past visits having not portrayed such.)

I see this as an opportunity to better my stores- with your help on some of this I hope to ensure guests in the future (and hopefully you) do not have even a glimpse of these frustrations.

As far as selling old juice- I stated previously we don’t typically shelf old juices but regrettably we have obviously missed a few. Now accidents happen so I understand this can happen on rare occasion. However this sounds like you have repetitively been sold old juice. All of my employees are directed to switch out expired juice for guests even if it has been opened before the discovery, so if you have any juices on a shelf that are indeed expired please bring them back to either location and allow us to exchange you for what you paid for at the very least. So I can ensure this issue is prevented, would you please tell me what old juice you were given? You mentioned that you confirmed with the distributor, would you please tell me who gave you the information on how they are identifying when the bottles were made? The only way we truly have to verify a juice’s date is when the batch issue date, or expiration date is displayed on the label of each juice, so if there is another way to check that would be super helpful for us! You also stated they were old by the color of the top-with this I know for Sweet Southern there are sometimes variances in shades of lid colors and that has no indication of production date since that changes with what their supplier provides. As far as the Sweet Southern ordering issues- are you being told there are issues? Or are we not maintaining stock of the juice you purchase? There should not be any issues with Sweet Southern ordering to my knowledge on their part so if it is on us I can only fix it if I know what the issue is so please help me with the specifics.

As far as the distasteful experience you have had with my employees, please help me to identify exactly which employees are exhibiting these behaviors. Again my sincerest apologies-I have no tolerance for any employee anyone who makes someone feel or refers to guests as a “newbie” or indicates guests are insignificant or lesser in anyway. We have a multitude of customers who stop by on their way home from work dressed extremely well and clean, if any of my employee’s attitudes implies this is an issue I really would like to know who. Any physical descriptions of the employees you are referring to would be deeply appreciated. I am very disconcerted by this and with your help I hope to make changes in a way you may one day return and no one else feels the way we have made you feel. I sincerely apologize and I hope you will let me right this appalling experience you’ve had. I appreciate the additional star but I hope you know my concern lies in your experience as an individual and that is what I wish to remedy. I appreciate you informing me on your encounters so I can be more aware of the stores presentation while I am not there. I would be pleased to speak to personally via email ( I can’t say it enough, I truly am very sorry.

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