03/31/2015 Cincy Vapors

The Redemption RDA is now at Cincy Vapors!

The Redemption RDA is now at Cincy Vapors! The name speaks for itself. This thing is such an all in one you won’t need anything else for quite a while. Two separate caps are included in the box, giving you the option of two, four hole, diagonal slots or if your a low builder, you can go with the four slot cap giving you a total of 16 airflow holes! Not to mention the post holes are very wide allowing you to use just about anything available in the way of different gauge wire! One of the best qualities, making this guy the first of its time, is the fact that the V1 (pictured above) the V2 and V3 have been promised to be backwards compatible! This means you can Frankenstein any combination of the three to create the atty that fits your Vape style the best! This is one RDA that #eagleeye has taken quite a liking to, he’s very eager to show you his perfect build for the Redemption so come make his day! Also Red Bull, because why not? #redemption #cincyvapors #cincychapter #buildlife #airflow

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