04/03/2015 Cincy Vapors

Which sub-ohm 100 watt tank is the best?

A lot of local vapers have been asking us which sub-ohm 100watt tank we prefer between the Arctic by Horizon and the Starre by Free Max. Both are great tanks with pros and cons. The Starre has a slightly better airflow adjustment option with two huge cyclops airflow holes and the arctic comes with four smaller sized holes in which we prefer the Starre. The both weigh in about the same as far as flavor but the vapor production seems to be a bit more out of the Starre. The most important thing for most vapers when it comes to super sub ohm tanks is tank size, at 100 watts your going through juice like a mad man and having to refill every 30 minutes is quite the inconvenience and this is why the Starre wins over our opinion as the best 100 watt tank reigning in with a huge yet appropriate 5ml tank!!! Whichever one you choose to vape, we have plenty in stock and also have plenty of coils to match! Also if you didn’t know, here at Cincy Vapors Fairfield we like to keep things moist with St. Ives oatmeal and Shea butter hand lotion! #cincyvapors #battleofthetanks #arctic #starre #tanklyfe #silkysmooth

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