05/02/2015 Cincy Vapors

Hammer of God, Praxis and the M80 Plus

The goody train has stopped by Cincy Vapors Fairfield! Hammer of God, Praxis mod and the M80 Plus is here!

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Customer review of the Hammer of God:
“If you want to aggravate everyone around u  and fog out a large sized warehouse with one swift pull, then this is the box mod for you. if you have little sissy hands then go buy a starter kit, you need to be a man to even consider owning this. If you can’t afford to have 12 batteries on hand and charged at all times then you don’t deserve this marvel of engineering. Two other inventions come to mind when thinking about the engineering in the  HOG. Running water and electricity. This will shut down all other mod companies past present and future. New ideas in other fields will never come to fruition because this is the most innovative piece of equipment… PERIOD. The Pentagon has dissected it and is basing our country’s new defense off just a small portion of its technology . I haven’t found a penis in this thing yet but if it had one, it would constantly piss excellence. I saw my mailman drop this off and I divorced my wife instantly. No room for both of them in my life.”

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