04/11/2014 VapeTeam

Help fight Ohio’s New E-Cig Tax!


Help fight Ohio’s New E-Cig Tax!

Recently, Governor Kasich outlined his “tax reform”.  As an adult with an interest in the Vaping Industry, you should know that Governor Kasich’s plan includes significant increases in tobacco excise taxes in addition to imposing a “new” excise tax on electronic cigarettes and vaping items.  If passed, over the next 2 years:

Cigarette excise taxes would increase by $6.00 per carton to $18.50.


·         Other Tobacco Products excise taxes would increase from 17% to 49% of the wholesale price.


·         E-Cigarettes and all related components would be subject to a new tax equivalent to 49% of the wholesale price.


You CAN Make a Difference!


1.       Send an email telling your elected officials to STOP Targeting Adult Tobacco Consumers with Higher Taxes!  You can locate your elected officials at www.legislature.state.oh.us


2.       Call your legislators toll free at 1-866-722-8669.


3.       Tell your family and friends to join you in speaking out against this unfair proposal.


Together, We Can Make a Difference!

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